, I think if I could get you to do one thing
I would say that when you get to the point that you
Really feel, highly motivated, to, just, towards keeping your virtue
Then you'll, you'll discover quite quickly how extraordinary a life was meant to be
Could be
And it's, it's just we get so messy, it's not that we are doing lots of wrong things
Our mind is so messy
We don't keep it simple
And we end up making the life that we are living, so in-ordinarily complicated
Completely unnecessarily, and it's such a shame to end up feeling, in a real muddle
When actually, you ought to be having the time of your lives
It doesn't actually take very much to make the deepest part of us incredibly happy
You know?
Just to be here, just to appreciate
Appreciate being here
To feel that you're alive
To be in touch with your heart
That's it
That's it
It takes mindfulness to come to a human life
And then above that, it takes mindfulness and virtue
To come to a fortunate human life
The chance to be part of this happens briefly
The invitation is not to show how inventive and imaginative you are
But how much you can notice what you're already part of
And appreciate it and share it
And care about those that are around who count for their welfare
While you are looking out for your own, that's it
And then you'll get to the end of it, having had an awesome time
Knowing, that, that is something you'd recommend to others
You all know
You already know this place inside, where it's alright
You all know that when you let the ego go, it's not this black hole that you jump into
You all know it
Why can't we do it?
And yet the world is creaking under the strain of this in-ordinarily complicated
Mass of humanity and actually you know, it's really simple
When you came here
You came here with a sense of awe and wonder, dying to just see what it's about
You know, it's like, what would it be like?
To be down there?
To be part of it?
And you came here with a sense of wonder
And somehow the wonder of it wasn't enough
And we stopped wondering and started to wonder about ourselves
And in your wondering about yourself
You forgot what you came here for, what you came to be a part of

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