My name is Will. Im 26 from Aurora, IL. Ive been designing since I was 14, mostly streetwear. I moved to California when I was 21 for fashion design school. I really wanted to expand to cut & sew and do more than just t shirts. Unfortunately, I got kicked out of my housing situation and eventually dropped out. I didn't tell anyone for months, I was homeless and embarrassed. Living with friends I had just met, staying in hotels, and sleeping in my car. In a state I knew no one in, I went into survival mode. I turned a horrible moment in my life to a great one because of fashion. It pushed me to create my first t shirt as "From, Will" and helped me survive. Now, back home in IL my goal is to build my brand, create with a message, and help others along the way in anyway possible. 





Future Jordan Three Peat Champion

This is my first design as From, Will. I was kicked out of my housing through Art School on Wednesday.. told to be out by Friday. Futures album came out the following Thursday. I had been sitting on a Future Jordan meme for awhile that sparked this idea. Once I knew I was going to be kicked out, I instantly started to work on this design to create some revenue for me to live off of. I had my car, a heat press, and enough money to buy shirts and supplies. Help from some friends I was able to make these at their place. I dropped the shirt on Futures project release of 56 Nights and it went viral a week later due to @40oz_van posting the shirt. I ended up going to Atlanta and doing a giveaway/sale of these at the 40 Oz Bounce ATL. It was also the first time I sold the free gucci caps.


After Future Jordan I was still homeless.. running around LA trying to make things happen..still creating and figuring out my next move. I was sleeping in my car, woke up one of the days and just felt like I was defeated. Ready to just give it up and go home. I called my father and while on the phone telling my dad what was going on I got a call from @DevNYC stating he wanted to go in with me for the Free Gucci Idea. I took the train downtown LA and got about 100 hats made in a couple of days. Dev put a plan together on how to market and it really just took a life of its own. So many life memories I can go on about were made at this time. Still proud of myself and what I overcame while in LA. Groomed not only the creative I am, but the man I am too. 


After Free Gucci I had this to follow up. Unfortunately did not release due to some other designers stated I took their idea of using the Range Rover logo. Nonetheless, a favorite of mine that is still floating around in some peoples hands. I ended up giving them away in Houston, Texas. 


Kanye has been and always will be a legend and inspiration to me. I loved this moment, and I felt it was a moment that deserved a shirt. Definitley will be re releasing in a new colorway. 


I made this t shirt after Soulja Boy and Chris Brown said they were going to do a fight for charity. Unfortunately didnt happen so the shirt fell short of my expectations. I created this with the idea of a vintage boxing shirt, just tried to embody that and use colors that popped.  


This is my favorite design of mine to date. I feel it embodies what I want my brand clothing to represent. This idea of something simple like a t shirt being a "piece". I try to design with the idea of someone having it for years and really be able to have some value to a buyer.  Shot by @dollyave and model @dezinedope


Even though the shirt was in mens, I made sure to shoot both men and woman. I felt the t shirt was unisex and a male could be "fresh" and a woman can feel "chic". The photograher @yxdt and model @_meychelle_ killed this shoot. 


I made these while living in South Central. 75th and FIG. Super cool experience I had living there. It really being in LA and not just the best parts of it. This idea really just meant any and everywhere people are making their own fashion weeks. Everyday someone is dressing to impress and showing off their style. I love hoodies so I wanted something that could be a everyday where, good quality, and has a pop. Even though Zara definitely used my phrase, it was still a great piece that will be coming back this fall. Shot by @likes.this


 as im making this website, I feel the need for everything to be perfect. but as I get older I understand nothing is perfect and sometimes you just have to execute the vision the best you can. Allowing myself to fail, succeed, and grow.